Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sister shoot

Well, first off Merry Christmas. :) We got back from skiing a few days ago and jumped right into Christmas. Yesterday was spent making homemade pizza and watching It's a Wonderful Life and eating yummy cake and singing to Jesus for His birthday with the family. Then all of us kids (who are not really kids anymore) slept in the same bedroom together last night as we have on every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. This morning was full of fun as we opened up all the gifts and shared in a huge delicious Christmas feast. Mom was wonderful and made separate dishes for me that were dairy-free so I could eat them pain free. She even made me dairy-free whip cream out of coconut milk so I can enjoy some pecan pie with a scoop of cream on top. It shall be amazing. Afterwards, my sister, Brett, along with my sister in law, Ani, went on a small photo shoot down the street in a small foresty area. It's always a blast when she's around. She is a blogger, herself, and is a huge inspiration to me (her blog is CHECK HER OUT. It's good stuff). I hope everyone around the world is enjoying this beautiful day with their families like I am. Here are some of the pictures from this afternoon:

Seriously, isn't my sister, Ani, so gorgeous?!

Brett and Ani together. So beautiful.


  1. Chase these are beautiful! Love you and your talent...merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Cari! I really hope we can shoot some together this week!! Love you too!!