Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas dinner with friends

Today I am thankful for Christmas break, no work, no school, and friends. I cannot believe that today is a week from Christmas Eve and that 7 days from right now I will have been to Colorado and skied and already be in Texas with my wonderful family. It's going to go by wayyy too fast, I just know it. Trying to enjoy every minute of this before having to go back to school.

Today was filled with hot biscuits, shopping with friends, buying a skirt for what I thought was 16 dollars that ended up being 10 (woohoo!), listening to *Nsync and Justin Beiber loudly with Brett and making all my friends yell at us because of it, sunset photo shoot of Brett and Mitch for their 2 year anniversary coming up on Monday, getting dressed up for a delicious fancy dinner, Mitch and Ethan tickling Jordan and Austin while crammed in the backseat of Brett's car, writing on the paper on the table to the waitress that she was awesome and placing all the silverware on the table perfectly around the note so she would spot it when she came back to the table after we left, getting dairy-free ice cream for me and Ben & Jerry's for Brett and Jordan at Hyvee afterwards to go home and eat it while we watch Horrible Bosses together. Today felt like the summer time when we were all always together. Happy to spend all day with my handsome boyfriend now that he finished his first semester at the University! So proud of him!

I am about to go eat way too much ice cream, but before that I shall leave you with pictures from our evening. :)

ethan's chicken parmesan! Look's delicious. :)
My filet mignon salad with red wine vinaigrette. So amazing!
Still kind of a date night even if we were with friends! <3
Ethan is so adorable hiding in the background there! haha



  1. Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Thanks! We had a good time. And of course, cannot wait to have a super fun time with you too!!! Love you!

  3. Nice pics ! Great to discover you and your blog !